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through elite mindset coaching.

Shift in Perspective. Power. Success.

I’ve helped athletes, like you, discover the power to do your best when it means the most.

By providing both individual, group, and team coaching, online and in person, I provide my clients with the secret to finding the universal power inside each one of us to break through obstacles and overcome psychological blind spots, including:

Athlete Coaching Sessions for Individuals, Groups or Teams. 
Elite Mindset Coaching Sessions with Sarah are available to all athletes, coaches, and parents.
Sessions are available via in person, phone, FaceTime, and Zoom.

learn to create your own experience and reach peak performance from the inside-out.

Mindset Coaching is effective for athletes across all sports and levels.

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Sarah Johnston Mental Strength coach for athletes with So Connected

Sarah Jane Johnston

Certified Mindset Coach | ACSTH

“I beat a player that I'd been losing to for a year!”
- Jessica

Here’s what to Expect:

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We’ll determine our best plan to propel you forward.

Your Custom Coaching Package

Knowing which areas we’ll need to hit, I’ll provide you with choices of levels of coaching.

Coaching Packages are customized to each client.

Breakthrough Begins

Manage stress

Sustain composure

Momentum Builds

Respect your own unique process 

Maintain focus and motivation 


Every Package includes

  • Weekly 1:1 or Team coaching sessions (depending on your package)
  • Weekly individualized action plans
  • Access to text or scheduled FaceTime calls with me during games/tournaments

What our Clients are saying…

“I became more confident and focused on myself.”

“It’s very beneficial for me because we learn things that are not only good for me on the court, but I can also use it in my daily life.”