Connecting Athletes with the Secret to

Peak Performance

Hey Athlete, want to play at your full potential?

Do you or your athlete ever feel like your mind and your body are not on the same page?

Play great at practice, but during competition experience a lack confidence?

These struggles cause so much stress within the parent, coach, athlete dynamic, but there IS a better way and it’s totally within your reach. 

You’re not alone and I’m here to help. 

Sarah Johnston Mental Strength Coach wearing a black shirt smiling

Sarah Johnston

Certified Mindset LIFE Coach | ACSTH

Sarah Johnston Mental Strength Coach wearing a black shirt smiling

In order to maximize  your potential, you need to connect your inner resources, gifts, and values to your goals.

Discovering  a strong mindset will help you maximize your physical ability.

Wrapping your head around your talent, gives you the ability to EMPOWER YOUR POWER!

Work with someone who doesn’t just care about coaching; they care about your learning and growing.

I’ve helped athletes all over discover there’s a better way to perform to their full potential and I can help you do the same.

Breakthrough will begin through our foundational work together.

Immediate Struggles

We’ll find your main struggles, the cause, and alleviate the conflict.

Discover your Recipe for Success

We’ll identify the things that you do well in your sport and in life. As you build an awareness and love for yourself, we’ll align you with what you want for yourself in the future, today.

the Root Cause

By removing the obstacles in your way, managing your thoughts and learning to process your emotions, you’ll know how to wrap your head around your full potential.

How this works…

Mental Strength Coaching with Sarah Johnston with So Connected Step One Gold Medal shape Sarah Johnston

Book your complimentary discovery call so I can learn who you are, what you are struggling with, and how I can help.

Mental Strength Coaching with Sarah Johnston with So Connected Step two Gold Medal shape Sarah Johnston

Purchase Your Elite Mindset Coaching Program.
While coaching is customized to each client, we offer packages with differing levels commitment and desired outcomes. 

Mental Strength Coaching with Sarah Johnston with So Connected Step three Gold Medal shape Sarah Johnston

You’ll schedule your 1:1 Coaching sessions. 

Mental Strength Coaching with Sarah Johnston with So Connected Step four Gold Medal shape Sarah Johnston

Each week, you’ll receive individualized actions plans to support you and propel your progress between our meetings & for future use. I’m also here to support you during during games & tournaments.

Many athletes lack awareness surrounding struggles and experience stagnancy, inconsistency, and preventable limitations.

Sarah Johnston Mental Strength Coach So COnnected

Sarah has discovered the secret to the human experience that has nothing to do with strategies, routines, and rituals, and everything to do with the universal power inside each and every one of us.

Her unique approach helps athletes by sharing an understanding of how we create our own experiences and reach peak performance from the inside-out.

Sarah connects what is happening unconsciously with what is happening consciously and aligns behaviors and beliefs with desired outcomes.

The secret to



A 3- Part Video Series Packed with tips for quick wins to Playing at Peak Performance.

Sign up to watch this complimentary series now.

What our Clients are saying…

“I absolutely loved the mindset coaching my daughter Lauren received from Sarah. Her ability to help her gain clarity and give her the resources to keep developing her skills were more than a benefit for her, but also our family. I am so grateful.” Shea Messing

I became more confident and focused on myself. I learned how to properly talk to myself to prepare myself for a game.

After a couple sessions I could see great improvements already.

It’s very beneficial for me because we learn things that are not only good for me on the court, but I can also use it in my daily life.

“Sarah’s mindset coaching has helped my daughter tremendously. Tapping into her success and removing negative thoughts and self-doubt has helped her to be more confident on the court and become a much better tennis player.” Mike Newell

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